Prüving It Around The World!


Happy Saturday TKGTribe!

I had to share this with you guys… 
Whether you are 11,000 ft in the Swiss alps,

Pruving it at the South Pole,

Sailing the blue oceans in Dubai, 

Meditating in Chiyoda, Japan, 

Decorating a Christmas tree in sunny OC,

or Walking around Disney World… 

KETONES is the BEST fuel source on the planet!!!
We are going global and taking ketones all around the world. 
Will you join us? 
Once you get your ketones, 
be sure to take a picture of your self near a monument or landmark 
in your area and share it on Facebook with the hashtag
#TKGTRIBE & #WhereInTheWorldIsMAX

Never tried ketones?
Check out this short video then place your
order for a 7 day experience below!



Experience 7 Days of KETO//OS, AMPED MIDNIGHT + KREME!

7 Days of KETO//OS + KREME! Nutritional Ketosis in less than an hour! Flavors include: Orange Dream, Chocolate Swirl, Raspberry Lemonade, Swiss Cacao, Maui Punch, + NEW AMPED MIDNIGHT + Sample of KETO//KREME!



Today is day 2 of #12DaysOfChristmas!
On the second day of Christmas, Prüvit gave to me… 

Get yourself stocked up!!!
Grab Two Boxes of your favorite MAX flavor and get a third for free!!
Thats $130 in savings! 
Grab your favorite flavor here:
My Favorite Flavor is Raspberry Lemonade! I get them caffeine free so my kiddo can enjoy them too! 


GO grab those ketones so you are stocked up for a few months or so you have extras for family or friends.
Remember to take those selfies and share them with #TKGTRIBE! 
Hope this finds you well and that you are having
an adventurous weekend with your friends and family!
See you tomorrow!
🖤  That Ketone Girl


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