Thank God For Online Shopping!

Are you a last-minute Christmas shopper?  🛒 🛍 🎁 🎄 I totally am. I don’t have anything purchased yet for Christmas this year! 😬 The tree doesn’t even have a topper or a skirt yet for goodness sakes… yes it’s kinda naked. 😳 🎄 

I tried to brave Target to grab a few things… a tree topper and tree skirt and some gifts. 🌟
All I managed to leave with was full blown anxiety and some wrapping paper. 🤪  (totally forgot to take my ketones this am)

Clearly this is not my thing…..
Can we just go on a Christmas Cruise? 🚢

DON’T GET ME WRONG. I’m no Scrooge. 

I REALLY LOVE the idea of Winter, and Christmas, and Presents, and Gatherings, and Egg Nog, and Snow and all things Festive and Amazing, Beautiful and Magical.. ☃️❄️ 🎄 🎁
I’m just probably NOT the best person to be chauffeuring this dream into my life. 🤣
Lets face it, I’m no Lisa Robertson…but I try. (she’s so magical) 

Check out her full length tour of her beautifully decorated home here:

Although the thought of Christmas shopping wears me out mentally and physically, I am grateful there are online shopping options.
Now if only my energetic 4 year old would let me get some online shopping done!  I’ve spent the majority of the day running around the house with him; playing hide n seek and tag, playing games, reading books, etc. 
It was fun! I got a workout in, burned some energy, spent quality time with my son and worked up an appetite and I somehow managed to get this email out to you… clearly my priorities are in perfect order.

Dinner tonight is going to be a pork roast that I have dropped in the crock pot. (THANK HEAVENS FOR CROCKPOTS!) 
Ended up using this recipe: 

Can’t wait to have some. It’s making my house smell delicious!
Here are some more easy keto crock pot recipes if you want to use them too. 25 of the Best Ever Keto Crock Pot Recipes – Low Carb and Easy:
Also, here is the link to my Pinterest that has hundreds of recipes, lists, and helpful keto, low carb, paleo info! 

I am all about the life hacks at this point. 
Taking advantage of any and all tools to help make adulting and parenting a breeze is a must.

For instance, John can’t stand grocery shopping.. he’s just like his father in that regard.

And with an energetic kid, Mama don’t like it much either. 
Thank heavens for Fred Meyer ClickList
I can order all my groceries online, drive to the store & pick them up! 
Super easy and simple and doesn’t take too much time out of our busy fun filled day. (cant wait until they offer delivery! *fingers crossed*)

If you do not utilize this type of resource, I highly encourage you to look up a local option in your area and give it a try. 
PeaPod is an option for some and Amazon Fresh/Pantry is an option as well. 

The final life hack that I can share with you tonight is the ability to bio hack your body into nutritional ketosis in under an hour using Pruvit’s KETO//OS. 
It’s a delicious packet of magical powder, BHB Salts, that you shake with ice water that yes, again, puts your body into nutritional ketosis in under an hour. 
That means you get to experience all the benefits of ketosis without a strict keto diet (less than 20g of carbs per day), depleting your glycogen stores, fasting, starving, or loosing your mind or your muscle mass. 
Its an incredible fuel source that comes in a variety of flavors including Orange Dream, Chocolate Swirl, Maui Punch, Swiss Cacao, & Raspberry Lemonade. 

This incredible technology has helped me loose over 40 lbs, gives me energy to keep up with John, balances my mood, & gives me insane appetite suppression. 

Enjoy better energy, mood, motivation, sleep, focus, fat loss, etc this holiday season and start 2018 right! 

Grab some ketones today at 12% off to help you with all your holiday happenings.

Best part? Did I mention it’s 12% off today!?
You have got to get stocked up!!! I know I am!

PLUS!! All orders over $300 earn a FREE PRUVIT SHAKER BOTTLE! WOOHOO!

We’re on day 4 of 12 Days of Christmas Specials from Pruvit so stay tuned! 
More deals to help you experience better are on the way! 
Are you already stocked up on ketones and loving your experience?! 
Did you know that if you share KETO//OS and refer 2 people that you will earn your ketones for free?! 
Check out our FREE product program here:
Don’t you just love online shopping?! 
I know I do!
Ok, gotta run! Now that this email is done and dinner is ready… time to eat and finally get these Christmas presents ordered! 
Thats all for now! Hope you enjoyed your weekend and you have a blessed week! 
🖤  That Ketone Girl

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