Happy Friday #TKGTRIBE! 🔥
Hope you had a terrific week and that you will have a TERRIFIC weekend!!!
I KNOW I WILL! You want to know why?!
Not only is Prüvit dropping some 💣 deals on the best fuel source in the world…
I am SOOOOO excited to see him! EKKK!!!
He has been overseas since Mothers Day! 215 days away from John & I.
We are SO EXCITED to have him back home and to go on many awesome fun adventures with him.
He sent me this pic of him today, in a fancy schmancy hotel in Dubai, lookin all spiffy and dapper… so handsome right?!! 😍
Much different than the typical desert pics working hard in Afghanistan this year. I’m just feeling so grateful, blessed, and excited to see my love again soon. We are really looking forward to him having some time off for a while.  ☺️

Another reason why I am SO excited today is because Prüvit keeps dropping these incredible deals!!!! 😍
Prüvit dropped BUY 2 GET 1 FREE for the 8th Day Of Keto Christmas Specials!
PicMonkey Collage.jpg
Splash is SO YUMMY! Imagine grapefruit/watermelon infused water after a day at the spa. 🍉 Light, refreshing, sweet and tangy. It’s delicious and this is coming from someone who HATES grapefruit with a passion. *EW!*

I got stocked up on some Caffeine free Raspberry Lemonade for Daddy, Mommy & John John and ordered some SPLASH for me and my girls to share.
I got mine over here, you can grab yours there too:

PicMonkey wedfImage.jpg

I seriously LOVE ketones yall. I hope you are loving them as much as I do!
They have helped me completely transform my life.
I was super tired, lacked energy, no focus, no motivation, eating poorly, bad insomnia, horrible depression because of it all, irritability and quick to get angry, had insane amounts of inflammation, headaches, lack in confidence, no sex drive, hormones completely out of wack, borderline diabetic.
And all it took was consistently providing my body with an exceptional fuel source for everything to completely change.
Drinking ketones was the TOOL I needed to jump start my journey towards a better version of me.
I am so grateful that this technology even exists!
It’s helped me gain so much energy, mental clarity, better sleep, holy moly appetite suppression, and eating a flexible keto diet helped me use some dietary fat for energy and my own body fat for energy, double downing on my fat loss efforts.
Its not a meal replacement, its not an energy drink… It’s a 4th macronutrient… its a fuel source… gives you what you need, to do what you need to do.
It helps you eliminate things from your life that are NOT helping your goals.
Over the last 50 something days, I have had a TKG60 Keto Challenge group going on where we drink ketones, eat somewhat keto, share recipes, workouts, move more, personal development resources, deals, support and more.
I can not wait to share some testimonies soon of the amazing things going on in the TKG Community.
It’s pretty flipping awesome.
If you want to join in on the fun, a new TKG Resource center is in the works. This was a test run to see what works and what doesn’t, to see what is needed and what is not needed.
You can always PM me for support for a supply of ketones, MACRO goals, recipes, support and more.
If you are not already a part of the TKG Tribe, please let me know so I can be sure to add you to the private group.
2018 is coming up fast!
If you or someone you know could use better fat loss, energy, and focus to help them have a kick ass 2018, LETS CONNECT!
Id love to help you out.

Until then, much love and I will see you again soon.

I never thought I would ever support a supplement as much as I have with Pruvits KETO//OS.
I never thought I would ever join a community based marketing company that offered anything other than beauty products.
I never thought that I would inspire so many people to want to make a change and to then create a community of like minded individuals who want better for themselves too.
I’m thankful, grateful & blessed for Pruvit, for ketones, for this science and technology, for the continued research and future applications of exogenous ketones, for the people that loved me at my worst and still support me at my best, for the ability to share this conversation with the world and to help change so many lives.
It’s my mission to share with others that this option exists.
It’s my mission to share this with those who need it most.
🖤  That Ketone Girl

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