Hey TKG Tribe!
Hows it going?! Hope you all are well!!
Lots of incredible things happening right now! Feeling super fortunate and blessed!
For those wondering, The Portland Women’s Expo on March 17th was AWESOME! There were over 10,000 people there and we had TONS of interaction and engagement at our booth! So many people were coming up saying they had heard of Prüvit but wanted to try it so they enjoyed some samples and we connected with several hundred people!

It was very exciting to meet so many people who are local to us! Can’t wait for our upcoming mixer to see some of them again really soon! (mixer details at the end of this email)
Things are about to get really busy and exciting as the TKG fam is moving into our new place on Monday!!!! We’re super excited about it!!!

My hubby and I made these KETO THIN MINT COOKIES last night and they were awesome! Click here for the recipe!

KETO//OS® MAX – Keto Envy

from $130.00 $109.20

Not into baking? Thats ok! Pair it with Chocolate Swirl or Swiss Cacao and it makes a perfect Thin Mint Cookie Shake!!! Look out you pretty little #sugardealers! Mama is enjoying her Fat Burning Skinny Thin Mint Keto Drink!


How SWEET this March Madness is! Head over to your Prüvit account to SCORE 16% OFF KETO//OS® products, KETO//KREME®, MCT//143™️, and Promoter Packs! 🏀 See flier for full details!


We’re splashing into Ketosis this Spring🌷 with the refreshing feel-good fuel of Splash KETO//OS® MAX Optimized Formula with AC-11®! It’s here for a good time AND a long time 🙌 Available for purchase permanently in your Prüvit account today!


My girl Nicole is CRUSHING IT!!! Incase you are still wondering if this magical fat burning drink REALLY works or not…. IT DOES. KETONES > GLUCOSE.

“The left pic is me a year ago. After I had my daughter Emmy, I struggled for months to get the baby weight off. The right pic is me 1 week ago after consistently drinking ketones for 5 months. Ketones has made my life significantly better in so many ways and its literally the EASIEST part of my routine. Burning fat and feeling your best doesn’t have to be hard, so stop over thinking it. ” – Nicole F. 

We have a KETO//MIXER coming up on March 29th at 6:30pm in downtown Vancouver, Washington at The Uptown if you would love to join us or know anyone in the area!
If that sounds great, you can share this link and RSVP here:

Thats all for now! 
Until next time, remember to always #LoveYourSelfFirst!
Let’s stay connected!
What Is Ketones & KETO//OS?:

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