Hope you all are having a wonderful week! Happy Spring! Happy month’s end! April is almost here! March Madness is almost complete!

Wow! What a crazy awesome month it was for us and we have some crazy awesome announcements for you!!

Things are coming along pretty well! We’re loving our new spot here in at The Uptown in downtown Vancouver, WA.


Love how cozy and compact we are now that were out of that huge house. The view each day is incredible. We took a long walk downtown and by the river yesterday and we’re really enjoying this blessing!

Friendly reminder!! We have a KETO//MIXER coming up TOMORROW March 29th at 6:30pm in downtown Vancouver at The Uptown!
If you live in the Portland // Vancouver area, or know anyone that does, please come out! We would love to share KETO//OS with you!
If that sounds great, you can RSVP here at this link: https://www.facebook.com/events/149963552491096/

Prüvit just dropped a BRAND NEW KETO//KREME flavor!
Wake up with the new Keto//Kreme FFT®️ Nutty* Ketoman!

Packed with all of the healthy fats you need to kickstart your day. It’s specifically formulated to boost the body’s natural ability to convert fat into energy quickly giving you a mental and physical boost. 
*Does not contain nuts.*
PM me for a 5 day trial pack for $20 or 10 day for $40! ☕🔥
You can learn more & grab a box here:

KETO//KREME® – Nutty Ketoman

from $82.00

Did you miss out on the DELICIOUS KETO ENVY?
That’s ok! It’s here to stay for the rest of March!

KETO//OS® MAX – Keto Envy

from $130.00

You can order KETO//ENVY here: 

Eric made these KETO THIN MINT COOKIES last week and they were SO GOOD!
Click here for the recipe! https://bit.ly/2FYnfs4
Not into baking? Thats ok!
Pair it with Chocolate Swirl or Swiss Cacao and it makes a perfect Thin Mint Cookie Shake!!! 
Look out you pretty little #sugardealers! Mama is enjoying her Fat Burning Skinny Thin Mint Keto Drink!

Are you ready to Reboot!? WE ARE!! 
The Keto Reboot kits for the April 15th reboot will be available for purchase April 1st – April 5th, ONLY. 
This ensures we have time to get the kit to you before the Keto Reboot starts! 
Remember, this is a 60-hour REBOOT where you will engage your body to use stored FAT as an energy source while gradually shifting into Keto Adaptation.
Learn more about the Keto ReBoot & order your Keto ReBoot Kit available on April 1st here:

That wraps it up for now! Hope you all have a blessed weekend! Let us know if we can help you in anyway! We will chat soon!

Let’s stay connected!
What Is Ketones & KETO//OS?: www.thatketonegirl.com

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