The Water Woosh


What the heck is a Water Woosh?

Ever start a diet and your eating right, exercising and you’re starting to lose a couple lbs in the first few days, but all of a sudden the scale stopped moving? Have you noticed your body fat becomes squishy, more jiggly and soft-like during certain times? Experiencing more bloating than normal? Don’t give up! You might be close to experiencing what is called a Water Woosh!

You see, our bodies are loaded with lots of fat cells that are filled with stored with fat. When carbs and sugar are not present, your body is then forced to burn through it’s stored glucose or glycogen. Everyone has about 2,000 calories of stored glycogen through out your body, mainly in your liver and muscles. Once you burn through that stored glycogen, your body then starts to transition over to fat metabolism by burning your stored fat through a process called ketogenesis.

Once fat is utilized and released to be converted into ketone bodies, local water is rushed into these fat cells and the fat cells swell up. Although fat loss is occurring, your body is holding onto excess water weight or going through high amounts of water retention.

Don’t worry, this too shall pass…

With a little patience, continued consistency, and proper hydration…those fat cells will eventually release the stored water and the fat cell will collapse. This process will then reflect on the scale.

This is why it is so important to stay away from the scale when you are just starting off on your fat release and fat burning journey and we recommend to go by feel: how is your energy, how is your mood, how is your sleep, how are you clothes fitting? Also take note of your measurements. In most cases, you may be losing inches before the scale says you have “lost weight” with a drop in numbers on the scale.

So many people don’t trust the process. They give in and give up way to early.

Trust the process… stay the course… and wait for The Woosh Effect.

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