Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there! Including any men with the love of a child in their hearts!

Our Prüvit community is MAXED OUT with incredible Father’s who are truly Category Kings. We raise our ice chilled cups of KETO//MAX KEY LIMEADE to you! 

Check out all the awesome Prüvit Dad’s here:


To help celebrate, Prüvit dropped a Flash Sale of KETO//MAX Key Limeade! Grab a box before they are totally sold out again! 


Once you get your KETO//MAX KEY LIMEADE, mix up a batch of this Keto Limeade slushy and get ready to charge your days full of MAX energy!

1 packet Keto//OS MAX Key Limeade
16 oz water
1 cup of ice (or more depending on desired thickness)

Blend. Enjoy 

 Grab your KETO//MAX Key Limeade before its gone!…/ketoos-max-key-limeade/

Screenshot 2018-06-17 09.08.04


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Ashley Marie Warren
Independent Prüvit Promoter

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