Manifesting Magik & 30% Off Everything!

Read to the end for an incredible life changing opportunity… 
and no it’s not about joining pruvit 😉 
Pruvit dropped 30% off in celebration for Halloween and guess what?!
That includes our entire Fall Collection!!
This makes a box of MAX $91 and a box of kreme $57!
This is HUGE for a FEW reasons… 
#1. We haven’t had a sale this good in almost a year! For reals!
#2. Our entire Fall Collection is included in this deal! SO grab your Harvest Sunrise KETO//MAX, Pumpkin Spice Keto//Kreme, & Chai Tea Keto//Kalm!
#3. Grab your favorite flavor with 30% off today and make sure you select order “Today & Smartship” So you can get your ketones for 22% off every month moving forward!
#4. Now is the PERFECT time to join our team as a partner and promoter to help us share this conversation! Its only $37 to join us and earn commissions on all online orders! Enjoy this 30% off to stock up on your favorite flavors to offer 5 & 10 Day experiences for your customers, clients, friends and family!
#5. All orders on my site before midnight tomorrow October 31st will be entered to win a box of KETO//MAX UNLEASHED Blue Ocean & Zehra Mahoon’s UNLIMITED 40 Day Law Of Attraction Work Book To Accelerate Manifestation. A $175 value! So you can get your “ish” together and have the energy to do all the things!

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I am starting a private chat group, 60 Days of Manifesting Magik, for my friends who are interesting in ending 2018 in ways you might not have ever imagined.
  • Are you unsure of your future?
  • Do you feel stuck?
  • Lack of control?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed, worn out, physically, emotionally, mentally drained?
  • Unsure of where to go and what to do?
  • Are you just living life doing the same things day to day?
  • Is your day and the things in it having a massive effect on your mood and energy?
  • Are you aware of your own thoughts and how they have had an impact on the life you are currently experiencing?
  • Are there things that you have been wanting for a long time but have not received them?
  • Do you crave more out of the life you are living now?
  • Are you at a point in your life where you are willing to do the work in order to get what you want?
If you answered yes to anything above, this group will help you do the work to lay the foundation to build a life full of abundance, joy, mindfulness, gratitude, & blessings…to ultimately help you be the girl of your dreams…the girl you were born to be.
This chat group is for a new breed of women who are ready to be the best versions of themselves, to figure out what lights them up, to uncover and rediscover your true souls desires, to elevate your vibration to attract the life you desire most, by removing negativity, self imposed limitations, blocks, stuck energy, distractions and more by implementing morning rituals, mind-spirit exercises, empowering mantras, affirmations and more. 
Learn how to take control of your thoughts, rediscover what you already know at soul level, embrace your truest most authentic self, master self love and self care, establish new goals that are in alignment with your crystal clear vision and create a master plan to get there. 
If any of this sounds good to you, please feel free to join the chat group by clicking this link here:
If for some reason the link doesn’t work for you, please reply to this email or PM me on FB and I will add you directly.
– This chat group is the very first of it’s kind and is a trial run for a more permanent program and group. Please be patient as we are learning as we go and adapting within the group on a daily basis. If at anytime you feel that this isn’t for you, feel free to remove yourself from the chat group. ❤ Light & Love!
Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 6.59.05 PM.png
If you are ready to join us for 
60 Days of Manifesting Magik, 
please click here to join us: 


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Are you ready to Reboot!? WE ARE!! The Keto Reboot kits for the November 18th reboot will be available for purchase November 1st – 8th, ONLY. This ensures we have time to get the kit to you before the Keto Reboot starts! Reboot kits will be available to purchase HERE when they are released.
Remember, this is a 60-hour REBOOT where you will engage your body to use FAT as an energy source while gradually shifting into Keto Adaptation.
Want more information?
Check out the blog.
Stay Active on the Keto Reboot Facebook page for encouragement and insights into rebooting your system back to it’s N8tive State!

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Let’s stay connected!
Ashley Marie Warren
Independent Prüvit Promoter

Your Keto Lifestyle Coach:

*60 Day Manifesting Magik background images (not including text) credit to Rebecca Campbell – Light Is The New Black // Oracle Cards*

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