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Hello! Welcome to my blog! Thank you for stopping by and getting to know me a little bit more. My name is Ashley Marie Warren, I have been happily married to my tall, dark, and handsome hubby, Eric Warren, for the last 11 years and together we have a beautiful son named John (5). We currently live in downtown Vancouver, Washington, just 10 minutes north of Portland, Oregon, along the Columbia River Gorge.

Spring 2016

By trade I am a Cosmetologist and have been doing hair and makeup since 2002. In summer of 2013, I happily stepped away from the chair when my son was born. I have been a stay at home mom ever since!

Sometime in the beginning of 2014, after 8 long years and many moves across the US, my husband ended his service in the USMC to pursue his dreams of being an automotive and real estate photographer. Instead of trying to go back to work, I entered the wonderful world of direct sales and network marketing to continue to be a stay at home mom to help supplement our income.


I had a goal to earn an extra $500 a month so I could help with groceries for my family & diapers for my baby. To my surprise, as a beauty consultant with this newer make up company, I hit that goal and beyond, including earning a trip to Jamaica while personally selling over $10,000 in products. I was in love with being able to work from home, set my own hours, help thousands of women feel and look amazing while earning additional income.



Life for Eric & I was always a fun & wild ride. Everything radically changed in spring of 2016 as we packed up our car and moved to the PNW for a Drone Pilot position for Eric. Although he was a civilian contractor, he spent many months over seas while John & I settled in to the new area. During this time, I left my first makeup company and took all the experience and knowledge that I had learned to a new opportunity with a brand new makeup and skin care company. My career as a network marketing professional exploded.

Ashley & Maëlle’s former CEO, Chris Welsh.

As a Founding Mentor for this brand new beauty company, I grew my team to over 500 people in the US and UK in less than 6 months. At the company’s launch event in Louisville, KY, I was fortunate to be one of the leading speakers on the company’s “Dream Team Panel”. This was it. This was the opportunity that I needed to help retire my husband so he didn’t have to deploy anymore. He could fulfill his dreams of being an automotive photographer without financial worries.

Fall/Winter of 2016 was really difficult for me personally. Eric was deployed & John and I moved into a beautiful little cabin in the woods.

Screenshot 2018-06-13 20.02.38.png
Our cabin in Hood River, Oregon.

During this time, my new makeup company was forced to cease all direct sales activities due to a litigation battle with my first makeup company. Thousands of us lost everything we worked so hard to build. We were back at ground zero.

Depression set in for me very quickly. I wasn’t coping well with many things going on in my life and my business and passion getting taken away from me pushed me into a deep dark downward spiral. My happiness and health suffered because of it. I wasn’t coping well. It was very common for me to be agitated & irritable; I had trouble managing my emotions and anger. I dealt with my depression by watching hours of Netflix and eating copious amounts of unhealthy food. I gained 50 lbs. in one season and lost all confidence and self esteem.

I didn’t know what to do anymore. I was isolated, parenting on my own with no respite, stuck in the depths of the worst winter that my area had seen in over 30 years, no family near by, not much of a local support system. I was alone and didn’t know what to do.

It was December, I was 230 lbs. and my 29th birthday was coming up on New Years Eve. I knew I needed to make lot’s of positive changes and my upcoming birthday gave me a reason to get my stuff together even more. Not only for my benefit, but because my son deserved the best version of me as well.

With the loss of my business, I had all the time in the world to devote to being a better parent through parenting classes. I invested in a personal trainer to get confident with lifting weights in the gym and at home. I started going to church again and doing daily devotionals using the app first5.org. I was praying daily and feeling more confident that my time was being spent wisely.

I started weight training and daily cardio, eating clean, & meal prepping. I bought a fit bit, a scale, some resistance bands, and a gym bag. I was ready to get my ish together.

After weeks of dedication, I was super tired, worn out, lacked energy, mental clarity, focus, started losing motivation, still dealt with difficult cravings, lacked confidence and continued to deal with irritability.

I was still determined to make these necessary changes. I didn’t want to give up. I knew I had to push through. I knew it would be a long journey but I continued to do what I could each day. I wanted to document my journey for accountability with hopes that I could motivate & inspire anyone else who was like me. My personal trainer had an Instagram for her journey and I decided I wanted one too. I wanted to create a movement.


I was so motivated and inspired that I decided to create my own movement & Instagram page called “Graceful Gains – Do what you can when you can with what you’ve got.” to inspire, motivate and encourage people like me to live a healthier and active lifestyle. I created cute workout tanks for my family, friends & supporters. I even had the idea to create a subscription box.




It was around the same time that I decided that I wanted to become a personal trainer. I wanted to learn all that I could about getting fit and healthy. If I managed to get healthier myself and get certified at the same time…maybe I could make a living helping others do the same. I spent over $600 on educational materials and began learning as much as I could.

My friend Alyx, (who was also a former “Dream Team” beauty partner from my previous company that got shut down) saw what I was up to and reached out to me with something that she was doing and thought that I might be interested in experiencing it as well.

She taught me all about ketones, ketosis and the ketogenic diet, shared the results she was experiencing and offered to help me determine if Pruvit’s KETO//OS, while adopting a High Fat Low Carb diet, was something I should consider for myself as well. Although I had no idea what it was prior to her introducing it to me, everything she was saying made perfect sense and I was learning very quickly that it was exactly what I wanted and needed to help me reach my health and wellness goals.

Without purchasing a 5 or 10 day taste test, I immediately ordered a box of KETO//OS Orange Dream & a box of Keto//Kreme. I started my day with Keto//Kreme and enjoyed my Orange Dream KETO//OS later in the day. I started tracking my foods, eliminating most sugars and carbs, and started working out more.



I wanted to test my body’s ketone levels after drinking KETO//OS to see if it truly worked or not. What I was doing was working like a charm. I managed to bio-hack my body into ketosis and I was starting to burn fat for energy.

I started writing down all my favorite foods that I was currently enjoying and managed to find a ketogenic version for just about everything I wanted by searching for the keto version in google. During my next grocery trip, I grabbed lots of healthy fats, protein, veggies and ingredients.



I was loving the changes I was making. I was starting to burn fat, I had great energy through out the day, insane mental clarity & my cravings were nonexistent!!! I was in LOVE with my KETO//OS and decided to grab another box before my Orange Dream ran out. I decided on Maui Punch and COMPLETELY fell in LOVE with KETO//OS MAX as well!



I was feeling so good that I decided to get a gym membership and created a daily workout schedule for myself.


I started noticing results right away.

June 23 – July 22 // 10 lbs gone


Weight loss trend from February – October 2017: 230#’s – 190’s I found out about Prüvit’s KETO//OS in June when my weight started plummeting.



I was starting to burn fat and I was feeling amazing. I was blown away at the results I was getting so quickly. I knew I found something really special.  It was so simple: Drink ketones, eat healthy fats, avoid carbs and sugar and move when I wanted to. I was a customer for life. It became my mission to share this with as many people as possible so others knew this option exists. I knew I had to share this with everyone I knew. I started seeing how much of an incredible business opportunity this was. It was then that I decided to become a promoter with Pruvit to help educate others about the benefits of ketones, ketosis and the ketogenic diet. I stoked up on KETO//OS, bought a car decal and started shipping out thousands of packets of ketones across the US, Australia & Canada.

I became “That Ketone Girl”.








During my journey as a promoter, Pruvit offered many events across the US that I was able to attend to learn more about the science and technology and future applications of exogenous ketones, how to be a better leader and events to help celebrate the growth of the company and the achievements we have all had.


Taking a tour of Pruvit’s Product Fulfillment Center.
Orange Dream KETO//OS – Where it all started for me.

PicMonkey wedfImage



Since June 2017, I have managed to release 50 lbs of fat & keep it off. I am about 30 lbs away from reaching my goal weight. I have completely transformed my life and inspired thousands of other people in the process.

before keto 2
29138279_10157291950935760_352370069_n Before @ 230 lbs, finishing one of my first 5k’s // Better @ 186 lbs ready to run more half marathons.

While Eric was deployed, he started noticing the changes I was going through and was inspired to start on his own health and wellness journey as well. I sent him and his buddies some KETO//OS and they started experiencing better as well. Eric finally came home from overseas. We started working out together, eating keto, and sharing this conversation together.


Eric & I having fun, experiencing better & enjoying life in Boca Raton @ Pruvit’s EPIK Event.
Eric, John & I with Pruvit’s CEO Brian Underwood in Boca Raton Florida at Pruvit’s EPIK Event.
Setting up for our first vendor expo!
Eric & I at our very first vendor event @ The Portland Women’s Expo.

It is now our mission to share this conversation with those who need to hear about it most. It is our goal to reach enough people and make enough of an impact to create sustainable income not only for ourselves but also for our friends and their families. It’s my goal to champion this conversation so well that my husband doesn’t have to deploy any more so that he can live out his dreams of being a successful automotive photographer.

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If you are ready to experience better as well, you can get started on a 5, 10 or 20 day experience of KETO//OS. Start your journey to better and see what can happen. If you love it so much that you want to share your experiences with others and you are interested in championing this conversation with Eric and I, we would love to chat with you about the possibility of you joining as a Prüvit Promoter and Partner along side of us.

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Thank you for getting to know me and my journey so far. It’s been a struggle but I 100% believe there is purpose in our pain and the struggle is a part of our story that we share to encourage and inspire others, to show them what is possible and to go after their own goals as well.

xoxo – Ashley Marie Warren


You can continue to follow Ashley’s journey on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/followashleywarren and on Instagram @ThatKetoneGirl.


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