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So you are LOVING KETO//OS, KETO//MAX, KETO//KREME and all of Prüvit’s other awesome products. You have experienced better as a customer, you have your favorite products on SmartsShip earning 22% off each month. Maybe you have shared your experience and customer referral link with 1 relative, 1 friend, 1 neighbor & 1 co worker and helped them get started as well and now you’re earning your ketones for free. What now?

Consider joining this movement and help us champion and share this Keto conversation by partnering with Prüvit as a promoter and become a Keto Lifestyle Coach with Ashley Warren // That Ketone Girl.

It’s only $37 annually to be able to earn commissions on all orders coming to your site.

Yep. That’s it. $37 to be a promoter & Keto Lifestyle Coach! 


If you are on SmartShip earning 22% off each month as well as earning that SmartShip for free by referring 2 people and you then join as a promoter, you are pretty much getting paid to drink ketones that are free and you get to help others do the same. 

Not sure how to be a Promoter or Keto Lifestyle Coach? That’s ok! Ashley has put together a step by step comprehensive guide on how to start your Pruvit Business whether you want to simply share ketones here and there on the side or whether you want to become a confident and competent full fledged Keto Lifestyle Coach.

All you have to do is have belief in this product, this opportunity, this company, this industry, the keto conversation and of course have the belief in yourself. With a little guidance and training, you too can help others experience better and build a very successful side hustle or EPIK career. Join our team to help share and champion this keto conversation with us. 

A few members of our local team, Fierce & Fearless, located in Vancouver, Washington // Portland, Oregon

There has never been a more exciting time to join. The world is waking up to the power and benefits of the ketogenic lifestyle & Prüvits Pure Therapeutic Exogenous KETO//OS.

At the same time, the science and technology of Pruvit’s KETO//OS exogenous pure therapeutic ketones is getting better and better.

Doctors, scientists, researchers, personal trainers, nutritionists, journalists, publications and news outlets are pushing information constantly on the many uses of the ketogenic diet, with and without supplementing with exogenous ketones, and all of the applications and benefits for rapid fat loss, improved cognition, reversing metabolic and neurological diseases, increasing athletic performance & more.

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Be a part of this movement. 

Not only that, Prüvit just dropped an incredible business building tool that will help you get 5 & 10 day experience packs into the hands of others.

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This pack is jam packed with 2 boxes each of:
KETO//OS® MAX Splash

KETO//OS® MAX Heart Tart

KETO//OS® MAX Swiss Cacao

KETO//OS® MAX Maui Punch

KETO//OS® MAX Raspberry Lemonade
PLUS – This pack is 21% off regular pricing!

200 Servings of KETO//MAX breaks down to 40 – 5 Day Experiences or 20 – 10 Day Experiences.

Ashley’s Current 10 Day Variety Experience that includes; Heart Tart, Envy, Purple Reign, Key Limeade, Chocolate Swirl, Swiss Cacao, Maui Punch, Raspberry Lemonade, Keto//KREME, Nutty Ketoman, a measuring tape, thank you card, and an issue or Prüvit’s Hacked Magazine for $85.


Price Break Down & Earning Potential:

40 – 5 Day Experiences for $45 = $1,600 Earnings

20 – 10 Day Experiences for $80 = $1,800 Earnings

= ROI (Return Of Investment) $1,027 + $500 – $700 profit after resale to put right back into your business for more experience packs.

These 5 & 10 Day experience packs gives people the opportunity to try a few flavors before investing in a larger supply. Once they know their favorite flavor they can then add it to SmartShip earning 22% off each and every month. They can then refer friends to also take advantage of the 5 & 10 day & SmartShip. This is how you can grow your network, customer base, and business. Those 5 & 10 Day experiences turn into SmartShip customers on your site where you will in the first 30 days earn commissions on all orders coming into your site.

When you partner with Prüvit as a promoter with this variety pack, you will also earn a Rank 5 Pass for a year as well as Double Direct Bonus for your first 30 days!

In addition to the profit on the experience packs and the 40% commissions coming from your site in the first 30 days, Prüvit also offers an incredible and generous Fast Start Program where you can earn up to $2,000+ Cash and $200 in Prüvit Bucks by hitting certain personal and team milestones in your first 14, 30 & 90 Days as a promoter.

More Info on Prüvit’s Fast Start Program:

Promoter Rewards Program:

Complete Prüvit Rewards Program:

SO much earning potential and lots of information, but don’t worry, theres more training that will break all of this and more down once you get started. That’s just a sneak peek into the natural progression of turning a potential into a customer using the 5 & 10 Day experience and the potential earnings when starting your business.

If you are passionate about the idea of helping others experience better, want to learn more and you see the potential, opportunity & future of this conversation, now is a fantastic time to contact me and join us.

Please reach out to Ashley Warren ASAP to take advantage of this special limited time offer, 21% off MAX Variety Pack, and to start your Keto Lifestyle Coaching Business. 


If you are ready to run, you can also go straight to this link to register as a Promoter and join Ashley’s team! She will then reach out to you ASAP to help you get off to an awesome start!

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Learn more about how Ashley Warren’s chose to release 50 lb’s of stored energy using a flexible ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting & Pruvit’s KETO//OS to not only change her life but also helped others do the same.

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