Optimize Your Experience


How To Optimize Your Experience!

Welcome and CONGRATS on starting your keto lifestyle! Whether you are going to eat Keto//HFLC or not, using KETO//OS has SO MANY BENEFITS and I can not wait to hear about your awesome experience using Prüvits KETO//OS, Pure Therapeutic Exogenous Ketones!

Now that you finally have your ketones in hand, here are a few tips to help optimize your 5 or 10 day taste test- Before, During & After.


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Before drinking your first packet of KETO//OS, take a moment to review this HACKERS GUIDE & Watch the “campfire video” to have the best experience possible: HACKERS GUIDE 


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Additional recommendations and things to consider before starting your KETO//OS experience if you plan on tracking some major results:

  1. Before & After Photos: Photos need to be in good lighting. Angles are front, back, left side, right side.
  2. Before Measurements: Neck, Chest, Breast, Right Arm, Left Arm, Waist 1 (Above Belly Button), Waist 2 (Across Belly Button), Waist 3 (Around Hips), Butt, Right Thigh, Left Thigh, Right Calf, Left Calf.
  3. Weigh In: Although we encourage you to stay as far away from the scale as you can on a keto journey, it’s a good idea to know where you are starting from and to check in once and a while.
  4. Body Fat Percentage: Although knowing your body fat percentage isn’t necessary for a 5 or 10 day taste test, if your goal is to burn and release a substantial amount of stored energy//fat, then it’s a great idea to understand the percentage of fat you have stored in your body. There are a few ways to do this:
    1. Visit your doctor or physician and have them analyze it for you.
    2. Visit a local gym or community center where a Personal Trainer can give you an assessment.
    3. Purchase or use a scale that tells you an estimate of your body fat percentage. This isn’t always the most accurate, but it is pretty close. I personally use the FitBit Aria Scale.
  5. Macro Goals: Although it is not necessary to change your diet while on a 5 or 10 day taste test, if you have a substantial amount of fat you want to lose, it is very beneficial to monitor your carb and sugar intake. If you are serious about your fat loss goals, calculating your daily calorie goals and keto macros is very beneficial.
  6. Avoid Carbs & Sugar, while Increasing Healthy Fats: Click here if you are interested in adopting a Keto HF LC Diet during your experience and beyond.
  7. Recommended Supplements: Fish Oil, Multivitamin, Magnesium, Potassium, & Electrolyte Supplement
  8. Tummy Troubles Are Common: Sometimes stomach upset (in the form of diarrhea) can happen as your body gets used to the increase in fat, utilization of ketones, as well as consumption of the MCT oil in some of the blends.
  9. Start with a 1/2 Packet: You can use this amount for as many days as you like, or jump right into a full packet, totally up to you! After getting acclimated to a 1/2 packet, you can bump it up to 1/2 in the AM and 1/2 in the PM, and then move into a full packet per day to eventually using two packets per day if you choose. Alternatively you can start with a full packet and scale back if you have discomfort, up to you! (if you have diarrhea you may want to consume with food to slow the absorption or stick with a 1/2 packet until that subsides)
  10. Stay Hydrated: The average person needs about 64oz of water a day which equates to 8 – 8oz glasses of water. While in ketosis, you want to try to drink at least half of your body weight in oz per day.
    1. Tip #1: Drink 3 32oz bottles a day and you should hit your water intake goal for the day.
    2. Tip #2: Drink 8-16oz of water as soon as you wake up. As soon as you go to the bathroom and after every time you go to the bathroom during the day, drink another 8-16 oz of water. You are properly hydrated if you urine is a light yellow shade. If your urine is dark yellow, your body needs more water.
    3. If you don’t drink enough water, a slight gain between day 1 – 3 is sometimes experienced. This is normal (don’t worry you aren’t gaining weight) your cells are simply holding water! Most see a loss in day 5-10 after the whoosh, and some begin losing from day 1 – everyone is different! If you don’t get enough water, it can temporarily cause bloating, even though your body maybe releasing and burning fat. If you experience a weight gain, this means you might need MORE WATER because your body will be flushing and may be temporarily filling your fat cells with water as you lose the fat.
    4. The “Whoosh Effect”: where the adipose tissue replaces stored fat with water, so there appears to be no weight loss on the scale, until the body finally decides to release the water and you suddenly see a large decrease in weight.

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How To Mix KETO//OS


How To Mix KETO//OS: KETO//OS is best enjoyed with 12-20oz of cold ice water, shaken vigorously in a shaker bottle. It is recommended to start off with 8 oz of water with 1/2 a packet of KETO//OS in the am, on your first day. If all is well, feel free to enjoy the other 1/2 around 2:30pm the same day or save it for the next day. This way your body slowly gets accustom to using ketones bodies again as an energy source. If the flavor is too strong, continue to titrate it with more water until you reach a ratio you enjoy. For a full packet of KETO//OS, more than 20oz could dilute the product too much.


Keep in mind that Prüvit’s exogenous ketones are made with BHB’s – Beta Hydroxybyuterate Salts. The product may be slightly salty. Although flavorless exogenous ketones are horrendous and taste like acetone or jet fuel, Prüvit’s wide variety of awesome flavors keeps things fun and deliciously enjoyable!




Here are some of my favorite ways to make the flavors. Depending on when you ordered your experience pack, yours might include some, none or all of these flavors:

  • KETO//KREME:  Stir in hot coffee for instant Fat Coffee//Bulletproof Coffee! Also great with just some hot water. Tastes like French Vanilla Cookies! Great over ice as well!

  • KETO//KREME Nutty Ketoman:  Stir in hot coffee for instant Fat Coffee//Bulletproof Coffee! Also great with just some hot water. Tastes like Irish Cream or Pistachio Ice Cream! Great over ice as well!
  • KETO//MAX – Swiss Cacao: Tastes like Chocolate Milk! Shake with cold water or try mixing it with iced coffee, unsweetened almond milk, or heavy cream. Great combined with KETO//ENVY!

  • KETO//MAX Raspberry Lemonade: Shake with 12-20oz of water and ice! I love mine with 20oz of water. Great mixed in with La Croix as well.

  • KETO//MAX: Maui Punch:  Shake with 12-20oz of water and ice! I love mine with 18-20oz of water. Great mixed in with La Croix as well.

  • KETO//OS Orange Dream: Shake with 12-20z of water. Tastes like an orange creamsicle! Mix with heavy cream and vanilla to make it extra yummy!

  • KETO//OS Chocolate Swirl: Tastes like a Tootsie Roll! Shake with 12-20oz of water or as iced coffee with a splash of heavy cream. Great combined with KETO//ENVY!

  • KETO//MAX SPLASH: A super refreshing, not too sweet, citrus infused water with notes of grapefruit and watermelon. Best enjoyed with 12-16oz of ice water. *NOW AVAILABLE!*

  • KETO//MAX HEART TART: Tastes just like those chewy sweet tarts! Shake with 12-20oz of ice water. *NOW AVAILABLE!*

  • KETO//KALM Chocolate: Mix with 8-16oz of hot water and add a splash of heavy cream for an incredibly delicious version of hot chocolate! Great before bed for restorative and regenerative sleep. *NOW AVAILABLE!*
  • KETO//KALM Caramel Apple: Tastes just like the green caramel apple lollipops! Mix with 8-16oz of hot water for a warm sweet and slightly tart caramel tea. Great before bed for restorative and regenerative sleep.  *Limited Edition Tea
  • KETO//MAX UNLEASHED BLUE OCEAN: If you like Pina coladas…you’re going to LOVE Blue Ocean! Shake with 12-20oz of ice water. Great with Coconut La Croix! *Limited Edition Flavor
  • KETO//MAX PURPLE REIGN: Tastes like old school grape freeze pops!! Shake with 12-20oz of ice water. *Limited Edition Flavor
  • KETO//ENVY:  Creamy Mint. Shake with ice water. Tastes like a Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie when you mix it with our chocolate flavors. Make it extra creamy by adding in some heavy cream. *Limited Edition Flavor
  • KETO//MAX KETO JELLIES: Tastes just like a handful of jelly beans! Shake with 12-20oz of ice water. *Limited Edition Flavor
  • KETO//MAX KETO LIME: Tastes like lime! Shake with 12-20oz of ice water. Also great with Lime La Croix! *Limited Edition Flavor
  • MCT//143 Virgin Coconut Enriched MCT Oil: Has a mild hint of coconut. Fantastic mixed in any KETO//OS products as well as any keto recipe to increase the amount of healthy fats in your diet.

Want more recommendations? Grab your ketones and try one of these awesome KETO//OS Recipes here!

Prüvit is always sharing awesome ways to cook using our products. Check out our Keto Friendly Recipes here: Cooking With KETO//OS



Best Time To Drink KETO//OS: You can drink your ketones any time of day (or as needed), although it’s recommended to drink them first thing in the morning after hydrating with 8-16oz of water, without food,  to get maximum absorption. Some people enjoy a second packet of MAX around 2:30 to avoid the “3pm crash and cravings.”

Proper Product Expectations: If you selected a 5 day taste test, you should experience a few benefits in these next 5 days and in as little as 1 hour after consumption. Some benefits you might experience are

  • fast and sustained energy
  • reduction in brain fog
  • increased focus
  • appetite suppression
  • better mood

Over the course of the 5 days, you might also experience better sleep, better digestion, some fat loss. Results and experiences may vary.

Those wishing to achieve more specific fat loss goals and better over all health and wellness will need to select their favorite flavor and order a larger supply as these results are more common with someone who has been using KETO//OS consistently over the course of 30 – 90 days while being mindful of their diet and exercise.

If you chose a 10 day taste test, you may experience everything stated above, as well as the possibility of increased fat loss as well as having the ability to try more of our flavors!

My Personal 40 Day Results using KETO//OS Orange Dream & KETO//KREME:



My weight loss trend from June 23-August 1st 221.7 lbs to 209.7 = 12 lb loss.



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before ketoos

That pretty much covers what you need to know to get started!

During the duration of your experience, please feel free to reach out to me at any time to let me know all the benefits you are experiencing or to ask any questions you have! 

Thank you so much for your order and I can’t wait to chat with you soon!

After Your Experience 

SO! You are totally in L O V E with KETO//OS and you don’t want this experience to ever end…what do you do now?! I’m SO glad you asked!

After your trial, once you have figured out your favorite KETO//OS Products, most people start off their initial orders with 1 Box Of KETO//KREME & 1-3 Boxes of MAX, which ever works best for you! When ordering, please be sure to select order “Today & SmartShip” for additional benefits!

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  2. For every 4 months your SmartShip is active, Prüvit will send you an additional FREE box of KETO//OS with your processing order as a thank you for your loyalty!
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